Microsoft Office Training Courses Sydney

Microsoft Office training at Raising the Bar
Microsoft Office training

Majority of us grew up using Microsoft Office in one way or another but how many of us know how to fully utilise its potential in a professional capacity? Microsoft Office is an office suite of desktop applications, servers and services for the Microsoft Windows and OS X operating systems. Microsoft Office has many uses and applications and a wide variety of tools including; Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio and Word. All of these programs, if used effectively can increase performance, confidence and efficiency in the workplace, as well as impressing future and current clients. Continue reading “Microsoft Office Training Courses Sydney”

Web Design Training Courses

Web Design Training Courses at Raising the Bar
Web Design Training Courses at Raising the Bar

In a society where the internet reigns supreme, it is important to invest effort and resources into web design to ensure your website is looking great at all times. If you’re starting up a website or you feel like your website could do with some updating, web design is an easy way to get a fresh new look and increase visitors to your site. Alternatively, if you want to improve your employment prospects by adding another skill set to your repertoire, web design could be the way to go. Continue reading “Web Design Training Courses”

SQL Esssentials – Level 2

Due to the success and feedback of our SQL Essentials course we have added another course to the public schedule – SQL Esssentials (Level 2). This course immediately continues on from the SQL Essentials course including some of these topics- Creating and Manipulating Tables, Using Views, Working with Stored Procedures, Using Transaction Processing, Using Cursors, Understanding Advanced SQL Features – more info

Microsoft Project Courses

Our previous Project 2010 courses was divided into two levels, Basic and Advanced. Although this has worked for us in the past we had a number of people telling us that they don’t use the resource and costing side of MS Project. This was normally due to a business requirement dealing with projects at a higher level than MS Project is capable of. For this very reason we have decided to break up the course into 2 halves. The first is dealing with tasking, linking, link relationships, task based reporting and the Gantt chart. So naturally we decided to call it: Project Essentials – Timeline and Tasks. The second course deals specifically with resources, overallocation of resources, costs and associated reporting. We’ve decided to call it: Project Advanced – Resource Management.

You can find more information on these courses here: Project Training Courses