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$ 385
Duration:1 day
Level 3
321 Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
Participants:Max 10
Length:9:00 to 16:30
Break Times:
10:30 (15mins)
12:30 (1hr)
14:45 (15mins)
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Word Advanced Course

   (4.81 out of 5)
286 Word advanced student evaluations
Location: Level 2
80 Mount St
North Sydney
NSW 2060
Break Times:
10:30 (15mins)
12:30 (1hr)
14:45 (15mins)
Duration: 1 day Participants: Max 10
Course Length: 9:00 to 16:30 Price:
(inc GST)
$ 385
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Word Advanced Course

Course Overview

This one-day training course has been carefully designed for experienced Word users who want to gain a complete command of Microsoft Word. You’ll further develop your existing skills by learning how to complete advanced tasks like using Master Documents, templates, headers and footers, tables of contents and much more. Our expert instructors will teach you how to perform complex merges, import data from other programs and use interactive fields, electronic forms and macros. You’ll learn how to create and modify indexes and track changes for smooth editing and revision of documents between multiple users.

All of our Word Advanced 2016 courses are delivered by friendly experts who make it their mission to provide clear, easy to follow instructions. You’ll benefit from our small class sizes where you’ll get personalised attention, access to all necessary equipment and learn through a series of interactive activities and demonstrations.

Upon successful completion of this course, all students receive a certificate of completion, a detailed course guide and complimentary access to Raising the Bar’s email and phone support network for a 12-month period. You’ll walk away with the proficiency to use Word 2016 to its fullest potential, gaining valuable new skills that can be used to grow your career.

Who Should Attend This Course

The Word Advanced 2016 Training Course is intended for users who already have an intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Word and are fully comfortable with all its standard functions. Participants are expected to have completed our Word Intermediate 2016 course or have equivalent experience, and have proficiency with selecting, formatting, navigating, printing and customising paragraph options.

This course is perfect for students who want to expand their skills beyond the everyday functions of Microsoft Word to create high quality, professional and polished documents. It’s ideal for employees who want to develop advanced word processing skills that can be used in a range of career settings.

This course is right for you if you’re an experienced Word user who wants to learn how to complete advanced tasks like adding indexes, bookmarks, contents and footnotes, while automating processes using Master Documents, macros, fields and forms.

Our training courses are available by appointment throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth. Public training courses are also held throughout the year in our training facility in Sydney.

Course Prerequisites

This course is aimed at experienced Microsoft Word users. Participants should have already completed our Word Intermediate course or have sound working knowledge of the Word platform and its document creation functions.

Course Inclusions

FREE Course Re-sit

8 months

When you book a public course at Raisng the Bar we offer you a FREE course re-sit for up to 8 months from the scheduled course date.

FREE Email Support

12 months

Free email support for up to 12 months from the scheduled course date.

Small Class Sizes

10 students

All of our courses are capped at a maximum of 10 students to maximise your learning experience.

Classroom Training

All of our courses are face to face, hands on, classroom based training delievered by .

Course Manual

With each course we provide you with a comprehensive course manual for you to practice post course.

Computer Lab

No need to bring your own laptop. Our training courses are conducted in fully equipped computer labs with free Wi-Fi.

Course Certificate

Every student receives a certificate of completion at the end of course to recognise your new skills.

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Face to Face (public course dates)

Online via Webinar (via Microsoft Teams)

Public Course Dates

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21-Jun-24 (Fri)$385.00 0
26-Jul-24 (Fri)$385.00 0

Virtual Classroom Dates (via Microsoft Teams)

Course Date Price Add Course Qty Status
21-Jun-24 (Fri)$385.00 0
26-Jul-24 (Fri)$385.00 0

Course Outline

Working with Templates

  • Templates Overview
  • Open a Sample Template
  • Download an Online Template
  • Create a Word Template
  • Modify a Word Template
  • Use your own Custom Template
  • Attach a Template to a Document
  • Copy Styles Between Templates Using the Organiser
  • Create a Template from a Template
  • Tips and Tricks for Creating Templates

Word Section Breaks

  • An Overview of Section Breaks
  • Insert a Next Page Section Break
  • Insert a Continuous Section Break
  • Insert an Even Page Section Break
  • Insert an Odd Page Section Break

Word Fields

  • Fields Overview
  • The Word Field Dialogue Box
  • The Document Information Field
  • Add Field Properties
  • Toggle Show and Hide Field Codes
  • The Show and Hide Field Shading Option
  • Insert a Formula Field
  • Insert a Date and Time Field
  • Update All Fields Automatically When Printing
  • Lock and Unlock Word Fields
  • Apply a Number Format to a Field

Working with Master Documents

  • Master Documents Overview
  • Subdocuments Overview
  • Setup a Master Document
  • Create a Subdocument
  • The Master Document View
  • Insert a Subdocument
  • Format the Master Document
  • Edit a Subdocument
  • Merge Subdocuments
  • Split a Subdocument
  • Delete a Subdocument
  • Creating a Table of Contents
  • Print a Master Document

Table of Contents

  • Tables of Contents Overview
  • Insert a Table of Contents
  • Navigate using a Table of Content Entry
  • Update Table of Contents Page Numbers
  • Update an Entire Table of Contents
  • Customise a Table of Contents
  • Format a Table of Contents

Working with Bookmarks

  • Insert a Bookmark
  • Navigation using Bookmarks
  • Delete an Existing Bookmark

Document Indexing

  • Indexing Overview
  • Mark Index Entries
  • Create the AutoMark File
  • Mark Index Entries Using AutoMark File
  • Remove Marked Entries
  • Generate an Index
  • Modify the Index Format
  • Update the Index

Track Changes

  • Tracking Changes Overview
  • Enable Track Changes
  • Disable Track Changes
  • Show Simple Markup
  • Show Markup Options
  • Comments in Track Changes
  • Show and Hide Markup
  • Show Revisions in Balloons
  • Advanced Track Changes Options
  • Accept and Reject Changes

Protect Documents

  • Document Protection Overview
  • Read Only Documents
  • Work with a Read Only Document
  • Restrict Formatting
  • Work with Formatting Restrictions
  • Restrict Editing
  • Make an Exception
  • Remove Document Protection
  • Set an Open Document Password
  • Set a Modify Document Password


  • Macros Overview
  • Set Macro Security
  • Save a Macro-Enabled Document
  • Record a Macro
  • Run a Previously Recorded Macro
  • Add a Macro Button to a Toolbar
  • Assign a Macro Keyboard Shortcut
  • Edit a Macro
  • Create a Macro Button Field
  • Copy a Macro
  • Delete a Macro
  • Tips for Recording Macros

Interactive Word Fields

  • Interactive Fields Overview
  • Insert a FILLIN Field into a Document
  • Type Field Codes
  • Activate Interactive Fields
  • Insert an ASK Field
  • Use a REF Field to Display Bookmarks
  • Activate Fields Automatically

Word Options

  • Word Options Overview
  • Personalise Microsoft Word
  • Set Display Options
  • File Location Options
  • Change File Locations
  • Understand Save Options
  • Change Save Options

Electronic Forms

  • Electronic Forms Overview
  • Setup Form Layout
  • Content Controls Overview
  • Display the Developer Tab
  • Adding Text Controls
  • Set Control Properties
  • Insert the Date Picker Control
  • Insert Prompt Text
  • Adding Formulas
  • Insert a Combo Box
  • Insert a Drop Down List
  • Protect and Save the Form
  • Working with an Electronic Form
  • Edit a Protected Form

Student Comments

  • Word Advanced training course
    Great course wish i had done it earlier
    - Fong
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Excellent, extremely helpful and informative
    - Geoff
  • Word Advanced training course
    The Course was a great pace I thought and for me/my learning style I know I just need to practice now (repetition helps me learn!). The Delivery /trainer Craig`s approach was great and ran quickly but allowed time to ask questions and help all.
    - Belinda
  • Word Advanced training course
    I liked it and Craig was very friendly and approachable.
    - Jane
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Nothing. Almost perfect. Caroline is very helpful and professional. The pace is great, she is very energetic and professional. She is professional body gestures, need handwriting, smart using multiple colours with the pens. Overall, very happy.
    - Dana
  • Word Advanced training course
    Great trainer
    - Gina
  • Word Advanced training course
    Great and very helpful
    - Irena
  • Word Advanced training course
    This course has really been helpful and Craig was very thorough in his presentation of course work.
    - Michelle
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Enjoyed it thoroughly, definitely recommend this to Word users.
    - Jessica
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Very happy with course
    - Robyn
  • Word Advanced training course
    I found this course very helpful as I don`t use certain features but now require them for my job.
    - Kim
  • Word Advanced training course
    I think it was very good. Great content. Great understanding of the use of word and the functions of it. I think the course was great and the trainer knows his stuff
    - Amy
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Excellent and very well conducted . Loved the pace, the trainer was extremely informative
    - Chhavi
  • Word Advanced training course
    Really enjoyed it
    - Debra
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Thanks for all your help :-)
    - Joanne
  • Word Advanced training course
    I thought the course was really well structured and content was relevant to my role. Course instructor provided some additional tips and assistance that was not included in the course content which was really helpful.
    - Julie
  • Word Advanced training course
    Craig is a fantastic trainer. Thank you
    - Linda
  • Word Advanced training course
    Craig is a fantastic trainer. Thank you
    - Linda
  • Word Training Course Sydney - Advanced
    These course have been excellent, some of the best presented and interactive courses I've been on. I like the fact we can ask any question, and it will be answered. Have already recommended it to others.
    - Joanne
  • Word Advanced training course
    This course has really been helpful and Craig was very thorough in his presentation of course work.
    - Michelle
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Mandy is fantastic.
    - Sarah
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    I was not happy with the schedule being cancelled due to last minute cancellation from other would be participants. In my case, it would have been 2 cancellations. I do appreciate your decision to go ahead with the course on July 15 despite me being sic
    - Lourdes
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Fantastic really great course learnt so much in a professional but friendly environment!
    - Emma
  • Word Advanced training course
    I would like to thank Libby for coming and explaining all the wonderful things you can do with word and excel that I hadn't seen before in my previous office courses.
    - Monica
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Excellent course and presentation, thank you
    - Carmel
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Excellent, very impressed!!
    - Kate
  • Word Training Course - Advanced
    I thoroughly enjoyed this course and am racing back to my desk to apply for the Advanced course!! Thank you Craig.
    - Sarah
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Excellent, extremely helpful and informative
    - Geoff
  • Word Advanced training course
    It is an excellent course! I did not expect to learn so much as I thought I was quite proficient with Word. With practice I'll be able to do so much more with this software. Craig is a very good presenter with a huge baggage of knowledge and experience very patient friendly and helpful. Thank you.
    - Anna
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Great trainer and facilities excellent - loved the mac computers.
    - Yvonne

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