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$ 385
Duration:1 day
Level 3
321 Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
Participants:Max 10
Length:9:00 to 16:30
Break Times:
10:30 (15mins)
12:30 (1hr)
14:45 (15mins)
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Excel Intermediate 2010 Course

   (4.78 out of 5)
2319 Excel intermediate student evaluations
Location: Level 2
80 Mount St
North Sydney
NSW 2060
Break Times:
10:30 (15mins)
12:30 (1hr)
14:45 (15mins)
Duration: 1 day Participants: Max 10
Course Length: 9:00 to 16:30 Price:
(inc GST)
$ 385
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Excel Intermediate 2010 Course

Course Overview

The Excel Intermediate course is suited to students who have either attended a basic course in Excel or spreadsheet training, or those who have been working experience with Excel and have a basic understanding of the features of Excel. Students attending this course are working with large amounts of data and are required to manipulate it to quickly locate information. They are looking for techniques to speed up their processes to manage and manipulate the lists of data they are required to work with. They are familiar with basic formulas and want to implement them more effectively.

As a result of this course students will be able to manage multiple workbooks including construction of formulas across worksheets. They will be learn how to utilise Excels advanced formatting features, manage large amounts of data and work with the sorting, filtering, outlining and subtotal tools. Competency will be gained in advanced charting, auditing techniques and templates.

Course Prerequisites

Microsoft Excel Beginner 2007 or equivalent

Course Inclusions

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8 months

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10 students

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Course Manual

Every student will receive a printed course manual with step by step instructions to use as a reference guide.

Computer Lab

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Course Certificate

Every student receives a certificate of completion at the end of course to recognise your new skills.

Virtual Course Dates (via Zoom)

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05-Oct-21 (Tue)$385.00 0

Public Course Dates

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02-Nov-21 (Tue)$385.00 0
22-Nov-21 (Mon)$385.00 0
07-Dec-21 (Tue)$385.00 0
21-Dec-21 (Tue)$385.00 0
11-Jan-22 (Tue)$385.00 0
20-Jan-22 (Thu)$385.00 0
01-Feb-22 (Tue)$385.00 0
17-Feb-22 (Thu)$385.00 0
02-Mar-22 (Wed)$385.00 0

Course Outline


Working With Multiple Worksheets

  • Rename A Worksheet
  • Group Adjacent Worksheets
  • Group Non-Adjacent Worksheets
  • Enter Data Into A Group Of Worksheets
  • Setup A Summary Sheet

Using A 3-D Formula Across Worksheets

  • Enter A 3-D Formula
  • Enter A 3-D Formula Using A Function

Combining Worksheets And Data From Different Workbooks

  • Consolidating Data
  • Linking Information From Multiple Workbooks
  • Managing The Formula Links
  • Moving Or Coping Worksheets Into Another Workbook


Creating And Using Named Ranges

  • Quickly Define Named Range
  • Defining Multiple Named Ranges
  • Insert A Named Range Into A Formula
  • Entering Named Ranges Into A Formula From A List
  • Using ‘Paste Name’ To Enter Named Ranges


General Table Setup Rules

Creating A Table

  • Create A Table
  • Change The Table Style
  • Create Your Own Table Style
  • Show / Hide Table Elements
  • Add The Total Row
  • Insert And Delete Table Rows / Columns
  • Resize An Existing Table
  • Perform A Simple Sort
  • Sort By Multiple Columns
  • Change The Sort Order
  • Use AutoFilter To Show Specific Records
  • Turning The AutoFilter On / Off
  • Appling / Removing A Filter
  • Custom Filters
  • Use A Search To Create A Filter
  • Convert A Table To A Normal Range

VLOOKUP Function

  • Range Names For The Table Array
  • Use Vlookup To Automate A Search
  • Enter A VLOOKUP Using the Insert Function Wizard
  • Enter Vlookup Functions To Assist with Data Entry
  • Return The Closest Match Using A VLOOKUP

Using Simple Database Functions

  • Sum Records Using DSUM
  • Average Records Using DAVERAGE
  • Counting Records Using DCOUNT / DCOUNTA
  • Finding The Highest And Lowest Values Using DMAX And DMIN


Data Outlining

  • Outlining Data Automatically
  • Removing An Outline Automatically
  • Auto Outlining Large Worksheets
  • Creating An Outline Manually
  • Copy The Outline Results With Visible Cells Only
  • Subtotal A Table
  • Showing And Hiding Content Using Outline Symbols
  • Removing A Subtotal From A Table


Advanced Number And Date Formatting

  • Built-In Number Formats
  • Advanced Custom Number Formats
  • Customising Number Formats
  • Customising Date Formats

Conditional Formatting Data

  • Highlight Cells Using A Conditional Format
  • Implementing Data Bars Into A Range Of Cells
  • Implementing Colour Scales
  • Use Icon Sets To Rank Data
  • Create New Conditional Format Rule
  • Edit Conditional Format Rules
  • Set The Precedence Of Conditional Format Rules
  • Stop A Conditional Format Rule
  • Clear Conditional Format Rules

Maintaining Format Consistency With Themes And Styles

  • Built-in Cell Styles
  • Custom Cell Styles
  • Apply Built-in Or Custom Cell Styles
  • Modifying And Deleting A Cell Style
  • Appling A Theme


Create A Chart

  • Insert A Chart Into A Worksheet
  • Modify The Chart Type
  • Setting The Chart Data Source
  • Change Grouping By Rows Or Columns
  • Setting The Data Series Order
  • Move An Existing Chart

Modify An Existing Chart

  • Change The Chart Layout
  • Change The Chart Style
  • Change The Chart Title
  • Add / Remove The Axis Titles
  • Change The Location Of The Legend
  • Add Data Labels To A Chart
  • Add A Data Table To A Chart
  • Add Or Remove Gridlines
  • Insert And Deleting New Chart Elements

Chart Formatting

  • Select Elements In A Chart
  • Chart Element Formatting
  • Adding WordArt To A Chart
  • Adding Pictures To A Chart
  • Combination Charts
  • Working With Pie Charts
  • Set The Rotation For 3D Charts
  • Explode A Wedge In A Pie Chart
  • Adding Sparklines in Excel
  • Modifying Sparklines


Using A Simple Formulas In Excel

  • Using The Keyboard To Enter A Formula
  • Using Manual Operators In A Formula
  • Relative Cell References
  • Absolute Cell References
  • Applying An Absolute Cell References To A Formula

Working With Simple Functions

  • Entering A Simple Function
  • Use The AutoSum Button To Calculate Totals
  • Using Insert Function To Enter A Formula

Student Comments

  • Excel Intermediate training course
    Paul you are amazing! Thank you for your time i highly recommend this to everyone
    - Nicole
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    The time frame was good and the breaks were well spaced out. The general prep made it very engaging and informative with generally great practical takeaways. Found the approach very helpful - the content was so incredibly well explained and communicated - the training day was interestingly a real pleasure - not a common thing to think with a full day finance training.
    - Sarineh
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.
    - Jesuina
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    Thank you! Really enjoyed it.
    - Georgia
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    Thank you Craig for the amazing course! You were great!
    - Shahana
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    Overall this course was very beneficial
    - Sarah
  • Excel Intermediate Training Course
    Great. Will probably do another one to improve excel skills and knowledge further.
    - Hayley
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    Found Craig very patient and strongly knows the subject. The Course content is very engaging given there was a lot of content and quite long hours.
    - Iuri
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    IT was really practical knowledge that can be applied in a number of different ways
    - Anneliese
  • Excel Intermediate Training Course
    Caroline was an excellent trainer and facilitated/trained the course with great control and knowledge. I would strongly recommend this course to others. The course was very well designed in the sense that all topics ran smoothly into one another.
    - Matt
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    Found Craig very patient and strongly know the subject. The Course content is very engaging given there was a lot of content and quite long hours.
    - Iuri
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    CRAIG is amazing! Such a great teacher. So please to learn through him
    - Kentia
  • Excel Intermediate Training Course
    Very very good :-) excellent trainer. Made us laugh on a very dry subject!
    - Helena
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    Craig is a great teacher and makes it very simple and easy to understand
    - Sophia
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    Great course. My expectations were certainly met.
    - Simon
  • Excel Intermediate Training Course
    No, was fantastic, thank you
    - Steve
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    I really enjoyed it and learned a lot more than I had anticipated!
    - Ailee
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    Craig is an excellent teacher with great patience when working with a number of clients who have a range of abilities. This course has met many of my needs as I was not sure if I was to be in the intermediate or beginners course. Definitely recommend this
    - Caroline
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    Great course! Went through all the content at a great speed, and gave us an opportunity to try the new forumlas etc.
    - Mae
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    It was a good course. I feel like it will be useful for professionals and students alike.
    - Kevin
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    Excellent training course. Craig did a great job. I will recommend this course
    - Adrian
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    Very helpful! Great pace and loved how we had the opportunity to also have a go at the tasks.
    - Sophia
  • Excel Intermediate Training Course
    Really was fantastic. Is great to be able to ask specific questions about documents I am working on.
    - Nikki
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    The course was extremely useful and very clearly run. Was great to learn about multiple excel functions in depth, and also learn great tips along the way.
    - Lewis
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    Craig was very knowledgeable and made things relatable.
    - Karen
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    Good course. Great instruction.
    - Ben
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    Excellent Trainer. Professional clear teaching.
    - Oliver
  • Excel Intermediate Training Course
    Craig was organised, easy to understand and knew how to answer every question that he got. Thanks Craig.
    - Eileen
  • Excel Intermediate training course
    I liked how it was interactive so we could follow along opposed to just watching someone else do it. I thought everything was really well presented and simple to follow. Great work!
    - Jacqui
  • Excel Intermediate Training Course
    Was fantastic - a little slow at times, but only to accommodate for someone who was not at the correct level.
    - Lara

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