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$ 385
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Duration:1 day
Level 3
321 Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
Participants:Max 10
Length:9:00 to 16:30
Break Times:
10:30 (15mins)
12:30 (1hr)
14:45 (15mins)
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Excel Advanced Course

   (4.81 out of 5)
1494 Excel advanced student evaluations
Location: Level 2
80 Mount St
North Sydney
NSW 2060
Break Times:
10:30 (15mins)
12:30 (1hr)
14:45 (15mins)
Duration: 1 day Participants: Max 10
Course Length: 9:00 to 16:30 Price:
(inc GST)
$ 385
Sale Price:
(inc GST)
$ 250

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Excel Advanced Course

Course Overview

This is a one-day training course tailored to give intermediate Excel users a complete command of Microsoft Excel. Led by dedicated instructors who are fully versed in the Microsoft Office package, you’ll build upon your existing skills and embrace the more complex and technical aspects of Excel. We’ll teach you how to summarise large datasets quickly and confidently using PivotTables, protect data, validate data entry, audit formulas, implement logical functions, nest functions, utilise analytical tools such as Goal Seek and Data tables, create and manage templates as well as automating repetitive tasks using Macros and much more.

Raising the Bar sets a new industry standard for training courses. Our Excel training is delivered face-to-face by industry leading experts who use clear demonstrations and easy to follow instructions to help lead students to success. Our class sizes are small so that all students receive the required attention and achieve the best possible learning outcomes. We also supply all the equipment you need, so you can show up on the day without having to bring a thing. You’ll learn through clear hands-on activities and leave with brand new skills and knowledge of Excel that far exceeds your expectations.

At the end of the Excel Advanced course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion, a detailed course manual to work through at your own pace and the proficiency required to use Excel’s more complex functions.

Who Should Attend This Course

The Excel Advanced Training Course is designed especially for students who already have an intermediate knowledge of Excel and want to expand their skills beyond creating and formatting basic spreadsheets. This course is perfect for users who want to gain confidence and acquire an advanced level knowledge of Excel. It’s also great for companies looking to master spreadsheet creation and streamline services.

Typically, students who attend this course already have a good level of confidence with Excel and know how to create professional and productive spreadsheets. This course is right for you if you’re a relatively experienced Excel user who wants to learn how to report data using PivotTables and learn advanced formula creation, data protection, formula auditing and automation through the use of Macros.

Raising the Bar’s public training courses are available throughout the year in our Sydney CBD training centre. For students in other cities, training sessions are available by appointment for companies and organisations in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth.

Course Prerequisites

Our advanced course is designed for experienced Microsoft Excel users. Students should have completed our Excel Intermediate course or have equivalent skills creating and formatting spreadsheets at an intermediate level. You will also need general computer skills using the Windows operating system.

Course Inclusions

FREE Course Re-sit

8 months

When you book a public course at Raisng the Bar we offer you a FREE course re-sit for up to 8 months from the scheduled course date.

FREE Email Support

12 months

Free email support for up to 12 months from the scheduled course date.

Small Class Sizes

10 students

All of our courses are capped at a maximum of 10 students to maximise your learning experience.

Classroom Training

All of our courses are face to face, hands on, classroom based training delievered by .

Course Manual

With each course we provide you with a comprehensive course manual for you to practice post course.

Computer Lab

No need to bring your own laptop. Our training courses are conducted in fully equipped computer labs with free Wi-Fi.

Course Certificate

Every student receives a certificate of completion at the end of course to recognise your new skills.

Public Course Dates

Course Date Price Add Course Qty Status
06-Dec-23 (Wed)$250.00 0
15-Dec-23 (Fri)$385.00 0
10-Jan-24 (Wed)$385.00 0
19-Jan-24 (Fri)$385.00 0
24-Jan-24 (Wed)$385.00 0
Limited Seats
01-Feb-24 (Thu)$385.00 0
14-Feb-24 (Wed)$385.00 0
23-Feb-24 (Fri)$385.00 0
29-Feb-24 (Thu)$385.00 0
14-Mar-24 (Thu)$385.00 0
20-Mar-24 (Wed)$385.00 0
02-Apr-24 (Tue)$385.00 0
10-Apr-24 (Wed)$385.00 0
26-Apr-24 (Fri)$385.00 0
01-May-24 (Wed)$385.00 0
10-May-24 (Fri)$385.00 0
16-May-24 (Thu)$385.00 0
22-May-24 (Wed)$385.00 0
31-May-24 (Fri)$385.00 0
05-Jun-24 (Wed)$385.00 0
13-Jun-24 (Thu)$385.00 0
21-Jun-24 (Fri)$385.00 0
26-Jun-24 (Wed)$385.00 0

Virtual Course Dates (via Zoom)

Course Date Price Add Course Qty Status
06-Dec-23 (Wed)$250.00 0
15-Dec-23 (Fri)$385.00 0
10-Jan-24 (Wed)$385.00 0
19-Jan-24 (Fri)$385.00 0
24-Jan-24 (Wed)$385.00 0
Limited Seats
01-Feb-24 (Thu)$250.00 0
14-Feb-24 (Wed)$385.00 0
23-Feb-24 (Fri)$385.00 0
29-Feb-24 (Thu)$385.00 0
14-Mar-24 (Thu)$385.00 0
20-Mar-24 (Wed)$385.00 0
02-Apr-24 (Tue)$385.00 0
10-Apr-24 (Wed)$385.00 0
26-Apr-24 (Fri)$385.00 0
01-May-24 (Wed)$385.00 0
10-May-24 (Fri)$385.00 0
16-May-24 (Thu)$385.00 0
22-May-24 (Wed)$385.00 0
31-May-24 (Fri)$385.00 0
13-Jun-24 (Thu)$385.00 0
21-Jun-24 (Fri)$385.00 0
26-Jun-24 (Wed)$385.00 0

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Course Outline


Creating A PivotTable

  • Create A PivotTable

Updating A PivotTable

  • Update The Information In A PivotTable
  • Adding Multiple Fields To The Row Area
  • Adding Multiple Fields To The Column Area
  • Arrange PivotTable Information
  • Remove A PivotTable Field
  • Filter A PivotTable
  • Remove A Filter
  • Filter A PivotTable Using A Filters Field
  • Clear the Filter
  • Change The Values Field Calculation
  • Format Data In A PivotTable
  • Managing Totals

PivotTables in Excel

  • Inserting A Recommended PivotTable
  • Filter Records Using Slicers
  • Selection Multiple Filter Criteria
  • Clear The Slicer Filter
  • Remove A Slicer


Working With Calculated Fields In A PivotTable

  • Insert A Calculated Field
  • Working With The Values Field
  • Delete Calculated Fields
  • Changing PivotTable Options
  • Show Report Filter Pages
  • Show Detailed Data From A PivotTable Value
  • Show Different Calculations In PivotTable Value Fields

Value Field Calculation Options

Creating A Chart From A PivotTable

  • Create A PivotChart From A PivotTable


Using Data Validation And Tracing Invalid Data

  • Validate Data Input
  • Compose A Data Input Message
  • Create An Error Alert Message
  • Circle Invalid Data

Protecting Worksheet Styles, Contents And Elements

  • Protecting A Worksheet
  • Unprotecting A Worksheet
  • Unlock Cells For Editing In A Protected Sheet
  • Hide A Cell Formula
  • Set A Password To Edit A Specific Range

Protecting Workbook Contents

  • Protect And Unprotect The Workbook Structure

Protecting Your Workbook From Unauthorised Users Access

  • Set A Password To Open A Workbook
  • Remove A Password From A Workbook
  • Set A Password To Modify A Workbook


Creating A New Workbook Based On A Template

  • Create A New Workbook Based On A Template
  • Create A New Template
  • Create A New Workbook Based On Your Own Template
  • Editing A Template


Auditing Worksheets And Tracing Cell References

  • Tracing Precedent Cells
  • Tracing Dependent Cells
  • Trace Cells Across Worksheets
  • Error Checking A Worksheet
  • Tracing Errors
  • Set Error Checking Options
  • Using The Watch Window
  • Showing and Hiding Formulas
  • Evaluate A Formula


Using Financial Functions

  • The PMT Function
  • Nesting the PMT and ABS Functions

Editing Nested Functions

  • Applying Named Ranges To An Existing Formula

Using Logical Functions

  • Use A Logical Test
  • Use The IF Function To Return A Text Message
  • Use The IF Function To Return A Value
  • Nesting IF Functions
  • The OR Function
  • The AND Function
  • The COUNTIF Function


The Goal Seek Tool

  • Use The Goal Seek Tool

Exploring What-If Tables

  • Create A One Variable What-If Table
  • Create A Two Variables What-If Table

Using Scenarios

  • Create Scenarios
  • Add a Scenario
  • Displaying the Various Scenarios

Solver Tool

  • Load The Solver Tool Add-In
  • Use The Solver Tool


Understanding Macros

Types of Macros

  • Show The Developer Tab
  • Record A New Macro
  • Run A Macro
  • Create A Run Macro Button On The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Create A Macro Command Button On A Worksheet
  • Edit The Command Button

Editing A Macro

  • Edit Macro Coding
  • Rename A Macro
  • Delete A Macro

Using A Relative Reference Macro

  • Record A Relative Reference Macro
  • Run A Relative Reference Macro
  • Saving a Macro Workbook
  • Open a Macro Workbook

Student Comments

  • Excel Advanced Formulas training course
    Very easy to understand and follow
    - Evette
  • Excel Advanced training course
    Great coarse, great trainer. Patient and accommodating.
    - Tammy
  • Excel Advanced training course
    The course is great. Craig is an exceptional presenter.
    - David
  • Excel Advanced training course
    It was a good course and everything was explained very clearly and in a logical way
    - Gail
  • Excel Advanced training course
    Really enjoyed the course. Covered everything I needed and Craig the facilitator was very knowledgeable. I would definitely return to do another course.
    - Jea
  • Excel Advanced Training Course
    - Luis
  • Excel Advanced training course
    Excellent course
    - Kamran
  • Excel Advanced Formulas training course
    Fantastic base to go forward with, worked well to complete earlier training in Excel.
    - Emma
  • Excel Advanced Formulas training course
    It was really interesting to be able to build all these nested formulas and learn all the keyboard shortcuts!
    - Belinda
  • Excel Advanced training course
    Craig was excellent! The content was interesting, useful and easy to follow. Would highly recommend!
    - Christina
  • Excel Advanced Training Course
    Sean was fantastic, amazingly knowledgeable, and very friendly.
    - Declan
  • Excel Advanced training course
    Great class and great trainer. Learnt a lot!! Thanks Sean.
    - Janet
  • Excel Advanced training course
    Job well done. Got to love what you do to be able to teach it to others. Cheers!
    - Jan
  • Excel Advanced training course
    I thought the trainer did a great job to keep us all engaged and share many great tips along the way to increase my confidence and awareness in using Excel.
    - Jennifer
  • Excel Advanced Formulas training course
    Bridging course between Adv xls which just does pivot tables and intro to VBA is great!
    - Nicole
  • Excel Advanced training course
    Very useful course the trainer was very professional
    - Uma
  • Excel Advanced training course
    Thanks so much Craig - Mind blown!!!
    - Debbie
  • Excel Advanced training course
    The thing I most loved about this course was that we weren`t constantly having to do exercises. On many courses at the end of each chapter you have to do a test. Sometimes this can be overwhelming, but I didn`t find that in this case. I loved the approach of doing it with the instructor
    - Viki
  • Excel Advanced training course
    very nicely explained
    - Prital
  • Excel Advanced training course
    Good course. Very enjoyable
    - Jamie
  • Excel Advanced Training Course
    Trainer delivered course content in an enthusiastic and professional manner. Overall found the course very positive and would certainly recommend it.
    - Tom
  • Excel Advanced training course
    I really enjoyed the course and would love to attend more - I`ll be back for intermediate for starters :-)
    - Jen
  • Excel Advanced training course
    great course that delves into alot of new tools we can use.
    - James
  • Excel Training course Sydney - Advanced
    I would recommend the course to everyone who hasn't done an excel course even if you think you have been using it for years you will definitely learn new things or new ways to do things
    - Ann
  • Excel Advanced training course
    THANK YOU! The manual is fantastic, it helped me follow what was happening as I need to write everything I learn to absorb it. I found the course extremely useful for my professional development.
    - Amy
  • Excel Advanced Training Course
    No.. Good course and well worth the investment
    - Andrew
  • Excel Advanced Training Course
    Sean Misso is an excellent instructor. Definitely would recommend him. Learned a lot! Makes the course fun!
    - Erica
  • Excel Training Course - Advanced
    Thank you for a great enjoyable excel course.
    - James
  • Excel Advanced Training Course
    - Michael
  • Excel Advanced Formulas training course
    The trainer was great, extremely helpful in keeping content relevant.
    - Kaila

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