SQL Esssentials – Level 2

Due to the success and feedback of our SQL Essentials course we have added another course to the public schedule – SQL Esssentials (Level 2). This course immediately continues on from the SQL Essentials course including some of these topics- Creating and Manipulating Tables, Using Views, Working with Stored Procedures, Using Transaction Processing, Using Cursors, Understanding Advanced SQL Features – more info

Microsoft Project Courses

Our previous Project 2010 courses was divided into two levels, Basic and Advanced. Although this has worked for us in the past we had a number of people telling us that they don’t use the resource and costing side of MS Project. This was normally due to a business requirement dealing with projects at a higher level than MS Project is capable of. For this very reason we have decided to break up the course into 2 halves. The first is dealing with tasking, linking, link relationships, task based reporting and the Gantt chart. So naturally we decided to call it: Project Essentials – Timeline and Tasks. The second course deals specifically with resources, overallocation of resources, costs and associated reporting. We’ve decided to call it: Project Advanced – Resource Management.

You can find more information on these courses here: Project Training Courses