Seminar Style Training

Large Group Training

Hands-on, classroom-based training is not always going to fit the requirement or the budget.

Seminar-style training can be the perfect solution where there are medium to large volumes of people who need to be brought up to speed on recent technology changes within an organisation.

A typical example of where seminar style training can be applied very effectively is when an organisation is rolling out a new version of MS Office. In this situation, end users might be exposed to a new Windows environment and new versions of the MS Office Applications that they are already fairly proficient with.

Rather than spend hours in a classroom learning how to an application that they can effectively already use, seminar-style training sessions can be kept to minimum time frame and can accommodate 20 or more people at a time. In the case of the MS Office roll-out, people can be shown what their new Windows environment will look like, be introduced to new features and learn to navigate within the new versions of the applications.

This style of training can be applied to any new technology roll-out and our Roving Training service works well as a support to this where additional support is required, once the new applications hit the desktops.

Seminar-style training, or Awareness Sessions as we sometimes call them is a time efficient and cost-effective training option where the situation dictates.

Seminar style training
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