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Course Details

(inc GST)
$ 990
Level:Site Owner
Duration:2 days
Level 3
321 Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
Participants:Max 10
Length:9:00 to 16:30
Break Times:
10:30 (15mins)
12:30 (1hr)
14:45 (15mins)
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SharePoint Site Owner Course

   (4.8 out of 5)
Location: Level 2
80 Mount St
North Sydney
NSW 2060
Break Times:
10:30 (15mins)
12:30 (1hr)
14:45 (15mins)
Duration: 2 days Participants: Max 10
Course Length: 9:00 to 16:30 Price:
(inc GST)
$ 990
Sale Price:
(inc GST)

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SharePoint Site Owner Course

Course Overview

This instructor led, hands on course is targeted towards users who are required to create and maintain their Team site as well as setting up lists and libraries, changing permissions, designing pages and creating workflows

Course Prerequisites

SharePoint Site User training course or equivalent

Course Inclusions

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Public Course Dates

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Course Outline

SharePoint Sites

  • Site Collection
  • Sub Sites

Navigating SharePoint Site

  • Logging on
  • Top Links Bar
  • Quick Launch
  • Header
  • Settings button
  • Add an app
  • Account button
  • SharePoint Ribbons
  • Page ribbon
  • Library ribbon
  • List ribbon
  • Page Section
  • Site Contents

Setting up a New Site

  • Create a Team Site
  • What is included on a Team Site
  • Make changes to a Site

SharePoint Libraries

Document Library

  • Create a Document Library
  • Re-name a Library
  • Upload files to a Document Library
  • Delete a document in a Library
  • Recycle Bin
  • Restoring a deleted item
  • Filter columns in a Library
  • Create a file in a Document Library
  • Edit documents
  • Edit a document
  • Check out a file
  • Manually check in a file to a Document library
  • Document Version Control
  • Restore an earlier document version
  • Change Version settings in a Document Library

Document Library Metadata

  • Add a column to a Document Library
  • Apply Metadata to documents
  • Metadata explained
  • Add a column to a Document Library
  • List and Library Column Types
  • Tag Metadata to documents
  • Add a Lookup Column
  • Add a Calculated Column

Site Columns

  • Create a Site Column
  • Apply a site column to a Library

Picture Library

  • Create a Picture Library

SharePoint Lists

  • Create a Discussion Board
  • Add a Topic to a Discussion Board
  • Reply to a Discussion
  • Import a spreadsheet as a List
  • Add a Team Calendar
  • Add an Event to a Team Calendar
  • Synchronise a Team Calendar with Outlook

Contact List

  • Create a Contact List
  • Populate a Contact List

Synchronise a Contact List with Outlook

SharePoint Views

  • Create a view
  • Modify a View
  • Delete a View

SharePoint Pages

  • Edit a Site page
  • Work with text on a page
  • Work with heading styles
  • Create a table
  • Create a Page
  • Create links on Site pages
  • Create a link using Smart Links
  • Create a hyperlink
  • Link to an External website
  • Open a Link in a New Tab

Web parts

  • Insert a web part
  • Remove a web part
  • Edit a web part


  • Create an Alert on a document
  • Create an Alert on a Document Library

Understand Workflows

  • Create a new workflow


  • Create Permissions for a site

Need Assistance

  • Send Email
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