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Course Details

(inc GST)
$ 770
Duration:2 days
Level 2
80 Mount St
North Sydney
NSW 2060
Participants:Max 10
Length:9:00 to 16:30
Break Times:
10:30 (15mins)
12:30 (1hr)
14:45 (15mins)
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Project Essentials 2010 Course

   (4.66 out of 5)
489 Project essentials student evaluations
Location: Level 2
80 Mount St
North Sydney
NSW 2060
Break Times:
10:30 (15mins)
12:30 (1hr)
14:45 (15mins)
Duration: 2 days Participants: Max 10
Course Length: 9:00 to 16:30 Price:
(inc GST)
$ 770
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Project Essentials 2010 Course

Course Overview

This course caters for people with no prior knowledge of Microsoft Project. As a new job requirement you may have been thrust into managing projects in your workplace and have no project management skills or experience. This course will give you a thorough introduction into setting up and managing basic projects from start to finish. Microsoft Project can be godsend when taught to use correctly and effectively by experienced consultants.

As a result of attending this course students will gain understanding of the concepts and terminology used in Microsoft Project. Students will be able to create, schedule and link tasks, utilise the base, resource and customised calendars, work with different tables and views, create and assign resources and costs, generate reports and finalise a project. This course is essential for people looking to attain a solid foundation in working with Microsoft Project 2010.

Course Prerequisites

Basic computer and keyboard skills

Course Inclusions

FREE Course Re-sit

8 months

When you book a public course at Raisng the Bar we offer you a FREE course re-sit for up to 8 months from the scheduled course date.

FREE Email Support

12 months

Free email support for up to 12 months from the scheduled course date.

Small Class Sizes

10 students

All of our courses are capped at a maximum of 10 students to maximise your learning experience.

Classroom Training

All of our courses are face to face, hands on, classroom based training delievered by .

Course Manual

Every student will receive a printed course manual with step by step instructions to use as a reference guide.

Computer Lab

No need to bring your own laptop. Our training courses are conducted in fully equipped computer labs with free Wi-Fi.

Course Certificate

Every student receives a certificate of completion at the end of course to recognise your new skills.

Course Dates

Course Date Price Add Course Qty Status
09-May-19 (Thu)$770.00 0
27-May-19 (Mon)$770.00 0
20-Jun-19 (Thu)$770.00 0
08-Jul-19 (Mon)$770.00 0
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Course Outline

Microsoft Project Basics

  • MS Project Explained
  • Open Project
  • Tour Project Window
  • Project 2010 Functionality
  • The Ribbon
  • Backstage View
  • Project Work Area
  • Views and Split Screens
  • Sheet Views Explained
  • Tables
  • Gantt Chart View
  • The QAT
  • Work With Files
  • Exiting Project

Project Management

  • Tasks And Resources
  • The Importance Of Planning
  • Project Management Tools
  • Project Management using a Computer

Create New Project

  • Steps to follow
  • Understand the Project
  • Create New Project File
  • Calendar Options Explained
  • Calendar Options
  • Work With Calendars
  • Modify Standard Calendar
  • Enter Public Holidays
  • Create New Calendar
  • Set Up Project Information
  • File Properties

Create Tasks

  • Tasks Explained
  • Scheduling Icons Explained
  • Rostadium Case Study Tasks
  • Review The Project
  • Enter Tasks
  • Create Summary Tasks
  • Work in Sheet View
  • Work with Summary Tasks
  • Work with Task Views
  • Task Information
  • Task Durations Explained
  • Enter Task Durations
  • Check Progress
  • Milestones


  • Task Dependencies Explained
  • Create Dependencies Automatically
  • Create Dependencies in Task Entry
  • Create Dependencies in Task Information
  • Create Dependencies in Sheet View
  • Fine Tune Schedule Using Dependencies
  • Auto Schedule Tasks
  • Critical Path and Project Slack
  • View Critical Path
  • Examine Task Slack
  • Lag Time Explained
  • Enter Lag Time
  • Lead Time Explained
  • Enter Lead Time

Resourcing A Project

  • Resources Explained
  • Work Resources
  • Material Resources
  • Cost Resources
  • Assign Calendars To Resources
  • Resource Availability Explained
  • Adjust Resource Availability
  • Change Unit Display

Resourcing Concepts

  • Resource Assignment Calculations
  • Task Types And Work Effort
  • Create Simple Assignment
  • Fixed Unit Tasks
  • Fixed Duration Tasks
  • Multiple Assignments
  • Additional Resources
  • Add More Of The Same Resource
  • More Resources In Multiple Assignments
  • Effort Driven Scheduling Explained
  • Non Effort Driven Tasks
  • Effort Driven Tasks

Assigning Resources

  • Simple Resource Assignments
  • Assign Part Time Resources
  • Work Contouring Explained
  • Specify Resource Usage
  • Contour Work Hours
  • Assign Specific Work Times
  • Work Times For Multiple Assignments
  • Problem Assignments
  • Assign Resources In Task Information
  • Assign Resources In A Sheet
  • Assign Resources You Don’t Have
  • Case Study Resources

Resource Levelling

  • Resource Levelling Explained
  • Resource Chaos
  • Track Down Over Allocations
  • Check Resource Usage
  • Over Allocation Reports
  • Change Work Effort
  • Overtime Explained
  • Assign Overtime
  • Hire Contract Labour
  • Switch Work Assignments
  • RescheduleTasks

Assign Materials

  • Assign Fixed Material Consumption
  • Contour Materials Usage
  • Add More Material Assignments
  • Assign Variable Usage Material
  • Add to Material Assignment
  • Check Work For Materials


  • Project Costs Explained
  • Review Current Costs
  • Enter Variable Costs
  • Case Study Variable Costs
  • Assign Daily Costs
  • Assign Per Usage Costs
  • Assign Fixed Costs
  • Assign Material Costs
  • Use Another Cost Table
  • Apply a Different Cost Table
  • Change Rates During A Project
  • Assign Cost Resources
  • View Project Costs

Constraints and Deadlines

  • Constraints and Deadlines Explained
  • Review the Project
  • Add a Constraint
  • Use Elapsed Time
  • Reschedule Tasks
  • Create a Deadline

Project Tracking

  • Create a Baseline
  • Update Project Actuals
  • Manually Update Tasks
  • Enter Delayed Tasks
  • Track Actuals On Gantt Chart
  • The Tracking Box
  • View Task Slippage


  • Print Gantt Chart
  • Print Sheet Views
  • Print Tasks For Resources
  • Print Resources For Tasks

Student Comments

  • Project Essentials - Timeline and Tasks training course
    Geoff is a wonderful trainer.
    - Pam
  • Project Essentials - Timeline and Tasks training course
    Great course!
    - Daniel
  • Project Essentials - Timeline and Tasks training course
    Thanks Geoff the course was very helpful
    - Bassel
  • Project Essentials - Timeline and Tasks training course
    Geoff presented the course to an extremely high level. He was very detailed and clear in his explanation. Geoff is an excellent trainer and found him extremely beneficial
    - Michael
  • Project Essentials - Timeline and Tasks training course
    Geoff presented the course very well
    - Monica
  • Project Essentials - Timeline and Tasks training course
    Very good course, clear presentation
    - Barry
  • Project Essentials - Timeline and Tasks Training Course
    Excellent instructor, very knowledgeable and targeted training to our needs.
    - Olga
  • Project Essentials - Timeline and Tasks training course
    Pay the trainer more, he is awesome
    - Brian
  • Project Essentials - Timeline and Tasks training course
    Delivered Brilliantly
    - Darren
  • Project Essentials - Timeline and Tasks training course
    Well delivered
    - Sean
  • Project Essentials - Timeline and Tasks training course
    Delivered Brilliantly
    - Darren

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