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$ 385
Level:Power BI
Duration:1 day
Level 3
321 Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
Participants:Max 10
Length:9:00 to 16:30
Break Times:
10:30 (15mins)
12:30 (1hr)
14:45 (15mins)
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Power BI For Excel 2016

   (4.8 out of 5)
Location: Level 2
80 Mount St
North Sydney
NSW 2060
Break Times:
10:30 (15mins)
12:30 (1hr)
14:45 (15mins)
Duration: 1 day Participants: Max 10
Course Length: 9:00 to 16:30 Price:
(inc GST)
$ 385
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Power BI For Excel 2016

Course Overview

The Power BI for Excel course is suitable for students who already have advanced Excel skills and wish to take the next step in incorporating business intelligence reporting features and dashboards into their workflows.

This course will utilise Power Query (Get and Transform) to connect to various data sources such as SQL server databases, access database, data directly from the web, excel spreadsheets and text files for later use in PowerPivot reports. During this process the dataset can be renamed, columns removed, split or merged, additional columns added using calculations along with aggregate calculations being applied. Students will also be taught how to manage relationships through table joins to combine various datasets as well as sort and filter the results in the PowerPivot.

The Data Analysis Expression (DAX) language will also be introduced to allowed an extended set of calculations to create your final results displayed in text based visualisations, charts and maps. This extremely powerful combined set of tools extends Excel’s capabilities far beyond anyone’s expectations and it’s all at our fingertips.

Who Should Attend This Course

The Power BI course is designed for students wanting to extend their Excel skillset to allow robust reporting across various applications, servers and platforms to created powerful user-friendly reports in a fraction of the time it would take using Excel alone.

Course Prerequisites

Participants should have completed the Advanced Excel 2016 course or posess equivalent skills.

Course Inclusions

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Course Certificate

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Course Outline

Get and Transform Data Introduction

  • Using Power Query to Link to External Data
  • Working With the Power Query Editor
  • Power Query Settings
  • Apply Power Query Options
  • Import External Data Into The Data Model
  • Editing Existing Queries

Accessing Data Types From Power Query

  • Creating A Connection To SQL Server
  • Understanding the Database Query Editor
  • Downloadind And Reviewing Data From A Database
  • Importing Data From A Text File
  • Importing Data From A Folder
  • Importing Data From An Excel Spreadsheet
  • Using The Current Workbook
  • Importing Data From An Access Database
  • Importing Data Directly From The Web

Transforming Data in Power Query

  • Naming Columns
  • Removing Columns
  • Spliting Columns
  • Merging Columns
  • Setting A Column Data Type
  • Filtering Rows
  • Filtering Ranges
  • Removing Duplicate Values
  • Filtering Out Rows with Errors
  • Sorting Columns
  • Changing Values in A Table
  • Using A Text Transformation
  • Using Fill to Replace Missing Values
  • Aggregating Values
  • Calculating Values Across Columns
  • Duplicating Columns
  • Pivoting Columns And Rows
  • Merging Multiple Queries

Importing Data Into PowerPivot

  • Loading Data From A SQL Server Database
  • Previewing And Filtering The Results
  • Writing A SELECT Query
  • Using A View As A Data Source
  • Loading Tables From An Access Database
  • Using A Text File As A Data Source
  • Using Excel As A Data Source
  • Loading Data From An Excel Table

Working With Data Model Relationships

  • Create A Table Relationship Using A Join
  • Managing Table Relationships
  • View Table Relationships

Transforming Data In A PowerPivot

  • Renaming A Table
  • Deleting A Table
  • Moving A Table
  • Freezing and Unfreezing Columns
  • Hiding Columns
  • Filtering Columns
  • Sorting Columns
  • Sort A Column Data From Another Column
  • Hiding A Table
  • Create A Hierarchy
  • Altering Table Behaviour

PowerPivot vs Power Query

  • Understand the difference between PowerPivot and Power Query

DAX Columns And Measures

  • Concatenating Columns
  • Creating A Calculated Column
  • The RELATED function
  • Complete A Task
  • Creating A Hierarchy
  • Creating A Calculation Across Tables
  • Using the ROWCOUNT And RELATEDTABLE Functions
  • Using the IF and ISBLANK Functions

DAX Measures and Metrics

  • Creating A Count Measure Using DAX
  • Create A Measure Across Multiple Tables
  • Use the SUMX function
  • Filter using the CALCULATE Function
  • Use the FILTER function

DAX Time Intelligences Calculations

  • Create A Calendar
  • Creating The Calendar Values
  • Creating Month to Date Sales Results
  • Creating Year to Date Sales Results

Text Based Calculations

  • Creating A PivotTable
  • Creating A PivotTable Visualisation
  • Modify the PivotTable
  • Utilise A Card Visualisation
  • Utilise A Matrix Visualisation
  • Filtering a PivotTable, Card and Matrix Visualisation

Power View Chart Visualisations

  • Creating A Single Field Chart
  • Sorting Chart Data
  • Formatting Data Bar Colours
  • Setting A Chart Title, Legend and Data Labels
  • Creating Multiple Charts
  • Building Multiple Unique Charts on a View
  • Filtering Data Using A Chart
  • Building A Bubble Chart
  • Viewing Specific Data In A Bubble Chart

Power Maps In Excel

  • Opening The Power Maps Feature
  • Adding Geocode Data To A Power Map
  • Navigating A 3D Map
  • Adding Values To A 3D Map
  • Adding A Category To A 3D Map
  • Addding Time Dimensions To A 3D Map
  • Filtering A 3D Map
  • Playing A Tour

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