Web Design Group Training for Corporates

Corporate Training

Do you have a group of people in your organisation that need training with web design? We can assist a HR Manager, IT Manager or Learning and Development Manager with corporate group training with web design applications. Our highly experienced and certified trainers can tailor a course to suit your needs.

As a preferred supplier to corporate organisations as well as local and state government departments, Raising the Bar has a proven track record and specialise in up-skilling corporate groups with web design software training courses.

If your organisation is undertaking a new project, rolling out new web design software, wanting to increase staff retention or just simply needing to improve the day to day efficiency of the business, Raising the Bar can assist. Raising the Bar can train at our North Sydney training centre or on your nominated site. We train regionally and interstate across Australia.

Hit the Ground Running on New Projects

Implementing a new project can be disruptive to an organisation and if staff are not equipped with the appropriate skills in web design applications such as HTML, HTML 5, CSS and CSS3, too much time and money can be wasted learning on the job.

Seamlessly Introduce New and Upgraded Software

Organisations spend significant amounts of money investing in software to ensure that they are geared up to compete in the competitive business environment however, the mistake that many make is not investing a relatively small portion of their budget in training staff so that when software hits the desktop they are ready to use it.

Increase Staff Retention

Staff retention is a challenge these days so upskilling your staff by offering training incentives ensures that your business stays on track and your staff are happy with their new found skills. It's a win-win!

Save Money and Improve Business Efficiency

It’s a very common story for us at Raising the Bar….. I'm self taught however I know the application quite well. After attending a course with us their initial opinion quite often changes. I should have taken this course years ago. I would have saved myself hours and hours of work. I never knew all those time saving tools and techniques were available to me. Don't assume you know an application completely.

Raising the Bar’s Trainers and Consultants

Raising the Bar boast an extensive list of highly experienced web design training consultants with years of real word tips and tricks that you can implement into your current workflows. Visit our Trainer Profile page for more information.

Web Design Mobile Training Courses

If you require group Web design computer training courses to be conducted at your own site but don't have a computer training room set up, Raising the Bar can assist. For the same cost as a closed course at our training centre in North Sydney, Raising the Bar can bring the computers and the Web design training to you.

We offer a mobile training solution for up to 8 participants. If your organisation has a boardroom or equivalent, we simply bring along our laptops and associated equipment to create an instant training room at your convenience.

Web Design Classroom Training Courses

Raising the Bar offer a range of classroom-based, instructor-led Web design computer training courses that are face to face and hands on. These can be conducted in small or large groups.

Our Web design training consultants are amongst the best in the business and will ensure that you leave a course at Raising the Bar with your expectations exceeded.

We offer standard courses, using existing content as well as tailored solutions to suite your specific needs.

This training can be conducted at Raising the Bar or at your own site.

Web Design Seminar Style Training Courses

Seminar style Web design training is the perfect solution for situations where you have a medium to large number of people within an organisation that need to learn about some aspects Web design but do not need a hands-on course.

Web design training seminars can cater for larger groups of up to 20 or more at a time. The sessions can be a just couple of hours in length or a whole day, whatever is required.

Web Design Roving Training

As with other applications that Raising the Bar train such as Microsoft Office and Adobe suite, roving training is the perfect solution if all your team needs is a top up of their existing Web design skills.

Raising the Bar's Web design training consultants can visit you on site for a day or just a few hours, moving from workstation to workstation, spending time with individuals and assisting with queries they might have.

Web Design, Roving Training is a time-efficient and cost effective solution to delivering training to meet specific needs.

Web Design Webinar Style Training Courses

If the bulk of your team is located in one city and you have other staff located regionally or interstate, you probably find it difficult to deliver consistent Web design training in a cost effective manner. That's where a Web Design Webinar Style Computer Training session can assist.

Although it's not face to face training, it's still instructor lead and the next best thing to being in the classroom. You can even have face to face training taking place in one location and have the remote locations tuning in via webinar.

Web Design Group Training with Raising the Bar

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