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If you are an IT Manager, Training Manager, Learning and Development or Human Resources Manager or simply the person charged with coordinating training for your organisation you will benefit from Raising the Bar’s range of Microsoft Office Corporate Group Training expertise.

As a preferred supplier to corporate organisations as well as local and state government departments, Raising the Bar has a proven track record and specialise in up-skilling corporate groups in the use of a range of Microsoft Office and proprietary software training courses.

If your organisation is undertaking a new project, rolling out new software, wanting to increase staff retention or just simply needing to improve the day to day efficiency of the business, Raising the Bar can assist. Raising the Bar can train on your nominated site or at our North Sydney training centre. We train regionally and interstate across Australia.

Raising the Bar’s Trainers and Consultants

Raising the Bar boast an extensive list of highly experienced, corporate trainers including no less than Four Microsoft Office Master Instructors. Is there another training provider that can make that claim?

Hit the Ground Running on New Projects

Implementing a new project can be disruptive to an organisation and if staff are not equipped with the appropriate skills in Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Project, too much time and money can be wasted learning on the job.

Seamlessly Introduce New and Upgraded Software

Organisations spend significant amounts of money investing in software to ensure that they are geared up to compete in the competitive business environment however, the mistake that many make is not investing a relatively small portion of their budget in training staff so that when software hits the desktop they are ready to use it.

Increase Staff Retention

Retaining good staff ensures that your business stays on track and offering training incentives is a good way to do that.

Save Money and Improve Business Efficiency

It’s a very common story……staff have been using certain applications for years and believe they have a good enough grasp to efficiently carry out their job. After actually attending a course at Raising the Bar, those same people wonder why they did not learn the correct way to begin with. Proficient use of software save hours and hours of time and a corresponding amount of money.

Microsoft Office Mobile Training Courses

For the same cost as a closed course at our training centre in North Sydney, Raising the Bar have a mobile training solution for up to 8 participants. If your organisation has a boardroom or equivalent, we simply bring our laptops and associated equipment to you and create an instant training room at your convenience. Our clients love it!

If a network is required for Outlook or Internet-based training we simply set up a wireless router to accommodate any situation.

Microsoft Office Classroom Training Courses

Raising the Bar offer a range of Microsoft Office training courses for small to large groups with four certified Microsoft Office Master Instructors on hand to deliver the training. These courses can be based on off the shelf content or customised to ensure the content is tailored to meet your specific needs. Classroom-based training is traditionally instructor-led, face to face and hands on. This training can be conducted at Raising the Bar or at your own site either using your equipment or Raising the Bar’s portable, mobile laptop training service. We can bring everything to you.

Microsoft Office Seminar Style Training Courses

Raising the Bar take a consultative approach to group corporate training rollouts. Once a need analysis has been carried out, simply sending staff along to hands-on, classroom-based training can sometimes be the solution. Another approach is to offer group training seminars or awareness sessions which are a time efficient and cost-effective way of up-skilling staff in new features of Microsoft Office applications without everyone having to be out of the office for a whole day. This typically suits those who already have a reasonable level of proficiency in earlier versions of Microsoft Office. We can assist you with your training needs analysis using our free pre-course skills assessment surveys.

Microsoft Office Roving Training

Once new software arrives on desktops, even after formal training sessions of one form or another, it’s inevitable that there will be some questions or even a little confusion. Raising the Bar can offer training consultants to be available on the floor on the day of the rollout, ready to assist with any challenges that might arise.

Microsoft Office Webinar Style Training Courses

Do you have offices scattered regionally throughout the country? If that's the case, you may find it very difficult to receive training in a cost effective manner. That's where a Microsoft Office webinar style training session may be an option. Although it's not face to face training, it's still instructor lead and the next best thing to being in the classroom. Students still have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the training consultant from the convenience of their workstation or home office.

Call us today to discuss this style of training with one of our friendly consultants.

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