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Programming Description

When it comes to computer programming for the web it can be broken down in two main categories. Client-side and Server-side programming languages. Our PHP courses are server-side computer programming language based courses whilst our JavaScript courses are client side computer programming language based courses. To explain the difference between the two technologies, certain tasks need to be performed by the computer (server) supplying the initial information whilst other tasks can be performed by the computer (client) receiving the information. Wherever possible we try and take a load of the server by using JavaScript however there are some security based considerations that cannot allow certain tasks to be carried out or are just not possible using JavaScript. Most serious web developers will know how to program using both technologies.

JQuery or the jQuery library as it is all known is a programming language that is built on or an extension of JavaScript. Programmers around the world use the jQuery library to simplify their coding and workflow. What previously took 10 lines of code in pure JavaScript may now be done in 1 line of codeā€¦..great stuff. This is the most used JavaScript library in use around the world today and is used in 65% of the top 10 million web sites as quoted by Wikipedia - jQuery on Wikipedia.

The SQL (Structured Query Language) courses are used to interrogate and manipulate data from relational databases. Server-side programming languages like PHP,, C#, Ruby on Rails etc. will also use SQL to retrieve, edit, update and insert data in database driven websites and is a must know for web developers.

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