Project Management Training Course

Project Management Training Courses

Course Overview

This course will develop your ability to confidently lead both internal and external workplace projects. Through the application of a best practice project management methodology with supporting tools and templates, you will learn how to initiate, plan, execute and close any type of project. The course focuses on essential skills that enable you to control project risks through effective planning, communication and collaboration with your project team and stakeholders, enabling you to consistently deliver successful project outcomes.

Who Should Attend This Course

This course that is suitable for anyone getting started in project management and also those who have experience with project work and are looking to formalise their learning and skills. The course provides a project management framework that is applicable to individuals who manage projects of any size and complexity and it can be applied to both internal and external projects. Whilst the course focuses on end to end project management it is also recommended for projects contributors who are responsible for a component of the project process.

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course. Participants are advised to bring a relevant workplace project that they can focus on throughout the course.

Course Duration

This is a 1.5 day course. The course can also be delivered as 3 x half days or 3 x 2.5hr online modules.

Course Inclusions

All participants will receive:

  • Training from an experienced facilitator
  • Learner guide
  • Pre and post online learning modules

The following editable PM templates will also be sent to participants upon course completion:

  • Project checklist
  • Project scope plan
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Risk management plan
  • Project schedule + milestones
  • Budget plan
  • RACI matrix
  • Communications plan
  • Change control process
  • RAG report
  • Issues log
  • Change log
  • Project close checklist
  • Close report plan

Course Price

We only provide group training for this course. The cost of the course is $5,600 (inc GST) for up to 15 people. Call us now on 1300 937 782 to discuss.

Course Outline

Initiate your project


  • Program outline and expectations
  • The 4 stages of the project life cycle
  • The PMBOK project methodology

Project initiation

  • Who is your client or sponsor?
  • Clarify your project objective(s)
  • Determine what's 'in' and 'out' of scope

Refine your project scope

  • Don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Analyse your stakeholders
  • Identify your project constraints and priorities
  • Document your assumptions
  • Develop a risk management plan
  • Finalise your deliverables
  • Estimate time and cost and consider responsibilities
  • Develop a project management charter

Plan your project

Project planning

  • What makes a quality project plan?
  • Purpose of a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Identify your project deliverables and tasks

Scheduling and budgeting

  • Steps to defining a clear project schedule
  • Generate a schedule, milestones and Gantt chart
  • Determine the specific project budget

Support your plan

  • Assign roles and responsibilities
  • Apply a RACI matrix to your project
  • Prepare for scope creep
  • Define your change control process
  • Determine your communications strategy
  • Finalise your project plan

Execute and close your project

Implement and track your project

  • Conduct a project kick off meeting
  • The role of a Project Manager during execution
  • Monitor project progress
  • Responding to issues and changes
  • Project reporting and communication

Close your project

  • Verify client/sponsor acceptance
  • Conduct your project team review
  • Complete your final project close report
  • Archive your documentation
  • Finalise all project communications

Apply the project methodology

  • Your project checklist
  • Influence positive project outcomes
  • Prepare key documents for a relevant workplace project

Be the change

  • Identify relevant actions that can be applied to your workplace projects

Key learning outcomes

By completing this course you will be able to:

  • Determine the best project governance structure
  • Identify project constraints, priorities and assumptions
  • Assess and mitigate project risks
  • Engage effectively with stakeholders and partners to secure buy in
  • Clarify and validate project scope and deliverables
  • Document and implement a project initiation plan (project charter)
  • Determine a project breakdown structure so that manageable tasks can be verified, quantified, costed and resourced
  • Identify appropriate relationships and dependencies between tasks and generate a project schedule with milestones
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities across a project team
  • Develop a robust project communications plan
  • Determine a rigorous change control process
  • Track and monitor project progress and respond to issues and changes appropriately
  • Deliver on stakeholder expectations and effectively close a project
  • Apply project management tools and templates to a relevant workplace project
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