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Course Overview

The 2 day Responsive Web Design course is for students who already build websites and are confident in hand coding HTML and CSS and want to take the next step in web design. This course will take you through a series of projects developing responsive websites that are optimised for various screen sizes and devices and will cover important related issues dealing with responsive web design.

Course Prerequisites

Students should have experience with hand coding html5 and CSS3 as a pre-requisite for this course. Ideally students should have attended a HTML5 or CCS3 course of have attained equivalent skills.

Raising the Bar
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Responsive Web Design Course

The Viewport Meta Tag

Hi-Res Images and Effects

Mobile-Friendly Navigation and Forms

Creating Mobile-Friendly Forms

Media Queries and Retina Graphics

Creating a Basic Wireframe

Filling the Background

Starting With the Header

Responsive Issues Explained

Responsive Slideshows

Responsive Prototype Grids

Fluid and Nested Layouts

Completing Responsive Web Content