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Course Overview

People with little or no experience with InDesign who need to create a variety of documents, from simple, one-page layouts to longer documents, including books. You will gain the skills needed to create advertisements, flyers, brochures, newsletters etc. The fast track course includes typography techniques, text threading, text and image management, formatting, styles, tables, tabs, layers, masters and more.

Course Prerequisites

Participants need to be comfortable using computers generally and have basic mouse and keyboard skills. Experience using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, though not essential, would be an advantage.

Raising the Bar
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InDesign Essentials Course

InDesign Interface

Text Basics

Add Text & Format Paragraphs

Advanced Threading

Tab Stops, Strokes & Inset Spacing

Graphics & Clipping Paths

Objects & Gradients

Activity – Create Flyer, Prepare for Printing

CMYK Colour, Libraries & Bridge

Master Pages, Page Numbering & Text Wrapping


Tracking, Kerning & Hyphenation

Tables with Styles

Fonts, Links & Templates

Layers, Inline Graphics & Anchored Objects

Create Books