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Course Overview

The Access VBA Training Course completes the necessary learning skills required to build any serious database. This course is suitable for students who confidently understand and utilise Access to an advanced level on a daily basis and wish to automate and customise complex calculations and processes in their current work flows.At the completion of this course the participant will be able to confidently navigate and utilise the VBA editor to run, edit and debug VBA code.

Participants will also have a solid foundation on the Access Object Model along with their associated properties, methods and events which are the building blocks of the VBA programming language.

Course Prerequisites

Microsoft Access Advanced Training Course 2010 or equivalent

Raising the Bar
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Access VBA Basic Course

VBA Basics

VBA Subroutines


Making Decisions

User Interactions

The DoCmd Object

Looping in VBA

Debugging VBA

Form Validation

Control User Access Level


External Reference - File Dialogs

Files and Folders

Audit Logging Routines

Error Handling

Code Comments & Templates

Access Developer Tools

Access Recordsets