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Course Overview

This is a one-day training course tailored to teach new PowerPoint users the basics of PowerPoint’s presentation software. Participants will learn how to create, edit, format, print and publish simple presentations. You’ll get to know the PowerPoint package, learn how to work with text, add shapes, understand the help function, create a presentation, use slide layouts, prepare your presentation for viewing, apply SmartArt graphics and print your presentation. We’ll also give you some tricks of the trade to create effective presentations that are easy to read using clear layouts and beautiful designs.

At Raising the Bar, all of our training courses are delivered by certified PowerPoint professionals using clear, easy to follow instructions that are suitable for beginners. We use face-to-face teaching methods with small class sizes so that all students enjoy the benefits of a supportive learning environment. Our instructors will guide you using hands-on activities and clear demonstrations, so you will leave with exciting new skills and the confidence to create your own PowerPoint presentations. We supply all the necessary equipment, so all you need to bring is an eagerness to learn.

Upon completion of the PowerPoint Beginners course, you’ll earn a certificate of completion, a course guide containing all the information you learned, access to 12 months of phone and email support and the skills required to proceed to one of our more advanced PowerPoint courses.

Who Should Attend

The PowerPoint Beginner Training Course is designed especially for beginners who want to familiarise themselves with the basic layout and functions of the PowerPoint program. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn new computer skills that can be used to create and edit simple, functional presentations for work, study or personal use.

Students who attend this course are not expected to have any experience with PowerPoint. It’s perfect for university students, individuals and anyone who requires PowerPoint skills as part of their job. Our course is right for you if you want to grasp the basic functions of PowerPoint and learn how to create simple presentations using text and images using the Drawing Tools and SmartArt features and prepare your PowerPoint show for presentation.

Our public training courses are held at various dates throughout the year in our Sydney training facility. Closed group training sessions are also available by appointment for organisations within Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Canberra.

Course Prerequisites

Our PowerPoint course is designed for absolute beginners, so students are not required to have any prior knowledge to participate. A basic understanding of computer systems, keyboard usage and the Windows operating system is required.

Raising the Bar
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PowerPoint Beginner Course


PowerPoint 365

Using The PowerPoint Ribbon

Using Views In PowerPoint

Working With A Presentation

Working with Placeholders


Creating A Presentation

Using The Outline View

Organising Slides In The Slide Sorter View


Formatting Text

Formatting Paragraphs

Formatting Design Themes

Formatting Background

Adding Header And Footer


Utilising The Drawing Tools

Formatting Shapes

Manipulating Graphical Objects


Inserting WordArt

Creating Designer quality SmartArt Graphics

Inserting Picture And Photo Album