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Course Overview

This course is designed for people who have attended the Access Essentials course or have a comprehensive working knowledge of Access. They should be confident in designing tables, forms queries and reports.

Upon completion of the Advanced Access course students will be able to work with Select and Action queries, they will gain understanding of the impact of relationships including enforcing referential integrity, cascade and delete updates when creating and designing a relational database. They will be able to work confidently with properties and expressions in queries, calculations in forms, pivot table and pivot chart creation and macro design. This course also introduces the concept and use of VBA in database design.

Course Prerequisites

Microsoft Access Essentials Course 2010 or equivalent

Raising the Bar
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Access Advanced 2013 Course

Designing Relational Databases

Creating Relational Databases

Defining Table Relationships

Importing and Exporting Records

Multiple Table Queries

Parameter Queries

Calculations in Queries

Aggregating Data in Queries

Action Queries

Modifying Access Forms

Do It Yourself Forms

Creating and Running Macros

Macro Techniques

Running Macros on Forms

Maintaining a Database

Introduction to VBA