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Course Overview

This is a one-day training course tailored for users who are already familiar with the Outlook environment and are comfortable using its basic email functions. During our training, participants will learn advanced Outlook skills, including how to manage and organise emails more efficiently, manage contact information, schedule meetings with colleagues and clients, automate tasks using quick steps and rules, search within emails, change views, create colour coded categories, create appointments and events and more.

If you want to learn Outlook’s more advanced functions from Microsoft experts, you’ve come to the right place. Our highly successful training courses are delivered by friendly trainers who live and breathe the Outlook platform. We use clear instructions, hands-on activities and demonstrations to ensure all students walk away with the confidence needed to use Outlook’s more advanced features. We keep our class sizes small so that all participants get the attention they deserve and provide all the necessary equipment so all you need to do is show up with the desire to learn.

All students who complete this course leave with a certificate of completion and a comprehensive course guide that you can use to hone your newly developed skills. You’ll also get access to 12 months of free phone and email support from our friendly team.

Who Should Attend

The Outlook Advanced Training Course is designed for users who already have proficiency with Microsoft Outlook and are keen to learn some of its more advanced features. As a comfortable knowledge of Outlook is required, students will be expected to know how to navigate through Outlook to send and receive emails, use the calendar and understand print and formatting options.

Our course is suitable for students who want to increase their Outlook skills for business or personal use. You’ll learn such varied skills as how to edit emails, remove attachments, create folders, empty deleted items, archive messages, create quick steps, change the way you view your emails, find messages using different categories, work with rules, apply themes and stationery, send voting messages, schedule, change and cancel meetings and create task requests to delegate to other people.

Raising the Bar training courses are flexible and affordable, with public training courses happening on various dates at our Sydney training facility. Closed group courses are also available in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Canberra by appointment.

Course Prerequisites

Participants in our Outlook Advanced training course are required to have already completed our Outlook Beginners course or have equivalent experience with the Microsoft Outlook package.

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Outlook Advanced Course

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Managing Outlook Views

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Automation With Rules

Outlook Email Techniques

Outlook Appointments and Events

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Managing Outlook Contacts

Assign a Task Request