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Course Overview

This 3 day course covers the basic techniques of building dynamic web sites including writing scripts in PHP and creating and managing MySQL databases. It uses modern, best practices, and encourages readable and maintainable code. In this course students will learn how to install and configure the Apache server, develop PHP server side code, create and manage a MySQL database and write SQL to query, update, delete and modify records. Other topics include collecting and processing information via forms, uploading files and images, relational database design and management and basic user password protection and authentication. Although MySQL is used throughout the course, the material will allow you to easily switch to any of the other popular databases such as PostGreSQL and SQLite.

No prior knowledge of PHP is required, however, since PHP code is embedded in HTML, proficiency with HTML and CSS coding is required.

Course Prerequisites

Solid web design knowledge and experience

Raising the Bar
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PHP and MySQL Essentials Course

Setting Up the Development Environment for PHP

Understanding the Basic PHP Programming Language

Passing Information with PHP

Working with MySQL Databases

Building the Entry Manager

Support for Multiple Pages

Modifying Database Entries

Uploading Images

Blog Syndication

Add a Blog Comment System