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Course Overview

Course Prerequisites

Students will need to have attended an Adobe Photoshop Essentials training course or have a solid working knowledge of Photoshop tools, layers, options, palettes and selection techniques. A basic knowledge of website design will also be an advantage for this course however it's not a requirement.

Raising the Bar
1300 937 782
Advanced Photoshop Website Design Course

Grid System Design

Editing the Layout and Adding Photos

Page Navigation and Editing Smart Objects

Adding Layer Styles to Text

Webpage Layouts for Tablets

Webpage Layouts for Mobile Phones

Web Optimisation - JPEGs and HiDPI/Retina

Web Optimisation - GIF vs. PNG

Extracting Design Assets

Working With 2x Photoshop Files

Styling Paragraphs

Masking Photos and Layer Effects

Optimising Images in 2x Design

Working With Patterns and Textures

Interaction States

Batch Processing Multiple Images

Wire Framing

Design Coding - Part 1

Design Coding - Part 2