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Course Overview

This course is designed for people with little or no prior knowledge of Microsoft Outlook or email applications. They may be able to send a basic email, but need to expand their outlook knowledge in order to improve their efficiency. This course is suitable for students who would like to understand how to use the other functions available in Outlook such as working with attachments, flagging messages for follow up, adding contacts, utilising tasks and understanding the junk mail options. It would be beneficial to have a basic understanding of computers and basic typing skills.

As a result of this course students will gain understanding of the concepts and terminology used in Microsoft Outlook. They will gain confidence in navigating in the outlook environment including using the navigation pane, working with the calendar, contacts and tasks.

Course Prerequisites

Basic computer and keyboard skills

Raising the Bar
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Outlook Beginner 2010 Course

Email Basics

Get Started with Outlook

Send Email

Receive Email

Work With Attachments

Flag Messages

Junk Email

The Calendar