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Course Overview

This course is designed for participants wanting to build on their PHP and MySQL knowledge and skills to catapult them through to the Advanced level. During this course students will learn how to plan, create and develop a database driven website (dynamic website) incorporating a basic content management system, user registration and a simple e-commerce system. Students will also learn how to create, design, optimise a MySQL database, build and implement sticky forms, conduct FULLTEXT searches, sort database results, implement form validation using regular expressions and work with HTTP headers.

Ideally, students should already have completed the PHP and MySQL Essentials course and have at least six weeks practical experience programming in PHP and have relevant experience writing SQL statements including SELECT, INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE queries.

Course Prerequisites

PHP and MySQL Essentials Training Course or equivalent

Raising the Bar
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PHP and MySQL Advanced Web Design Course

Introducing the Course

Introduction to PHP Programming

More on PHP Programming

Creating a Dynamic Web Site

Intro to MySQL and SQL

Advanced SQL in MySQL

Debugging and Error Handling

PHP Programming and MySQL

Developing a Web Application

Cookies and Sessions

Web Application Security

Extended Topics

Example: Content Management

Example: User Registration

Example: E-Commerce