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Course Overview

This is a 2-day advanced course covering more complex techniques including photo retouching, colour correction, masking, paths, utilising alpha channels and image correction. This course will benefit photographers, graphic designers and people wanting to rapidly expand their PhotoShop knowledge, skills and image editing techniques to incorporate into their current workflows.

Learn from Australia's leading certified Adobe training consultants.

Course Prerequisites

Adobe Photoshop Essentials training course or have a good working knowledge of Photoshop tools, options, layers and selection techniques.

Raising the Bar
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Photoshop Advanced Course

Setting up Photoshop

Activity - Fashion Shot

Correction Techniques

Blend Modes, Layer Masks & Compositing

Activity - Lifestyle Shot

Advanced Colour Management set-up

Prepare Images for Web

Make Selections with Channels

Activity - Product Shot

Activity –Skin Smoothing

Light & Shadows

Techniques to Sharpen

Camera Raw Noise Reduction

Clipping Masks and Type