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Course Overview

The Microsoft Project Advanced Resource Management course is designed for students wanting to learn how to specifically manage project resources and costs. This course opens up a whole new world of underutilised tools and techniques that only experienced project managers undertake. Students who attend this course will gain an in-depth knowledge of creating and managing project resources, pooling resources across projects, scheduling recourses, managing resource calendars, dealing with resource conflicts and overallocations, working with various types of resources, assigning costs to resources and resource reporting. Our instructors will share with you extremely valuable industry tips and tricks for you to be able to confidently fully manage multiple projects.

Who Should Attend

This course builds on your previous knowledge of setting up and managing project timelines and tasks. Students who attend this course will typically already be managing and reporting on basic projects and want to learn how to setup and manage resources and costs. This part of Microsoft Project is the other half of Microsoft Project engine that is somewhat underutilised due to the additional level of complexity. Once a student has learned to master this area of Microsoft Project your ability to manage projects in the future will far exceed the average project manager.

Course Prerequisites

Students should have completed the Microsoft Project Essentials Timeline and Task Management Course and can confidently setup and manage a project with regards to tasking and timeline management. Students are expected to be able to setup a project, create and manage calendars, link tasks, work with the Gantt chart and be able to setup and manage reports.

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Project Advanced - Resource Management 2016 Course

Create a Resource Pool

Assign Project Resources

Level Overallocated Resources

Resource Costs

Sharing Resources Across Projects

Resource Reporting