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Course Overview

Students wanting to attend this training course should already be familiar with CSS and HTML and are looking to expand their knowledge with the new CSS3 standard. CSS3 is rapidly being implemented into all well known browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome and will ultimately become the corner stone of all web development. Web designers can fast track their learning in this area by attending the CSS3 Essentials course.

Course Prerequisites

Students should have completed the CSS Essentials training course or have equivalent experience. Although it's not a requirement it is strongly recommended that participants have CSS and JavaScript experience prior to attending the CSS3 Essentials course.

Raising the Bar
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CSS3 Essentials Course

Introducing CSS3

CSS3 Speech Bubbles

CSS3 Notebook Paper

Styling Images and Links by Type

Using Pseudo-classes to Improve Efficiency

Different Design for Different Screen Sizes

Flexing your Layouts