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$ 385
Duration:1 day
Level 3
321 Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
Participants:Max 10
Length:9:00 to 16:30
Break Times:
10:30 (15mins)
12:30 (1hr)
14:45 (15mins)
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253 Word advanced student evaluations
Location: Level 2
80 Mount St
North Sydney
NSW 2060
Break Times:
10:30 (15mins)
12:30 (1hr)
14:45 (15mins)
Duration: 1 day Participants: Max 10
Course Length: 9:00 to 16:30 Price:
(inc GST)
$ 385
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Word Advanced 2010 Course

Course Overview

The Word Advanced course assumes students are confident in working with Microsoft Word and the word processing environment. Students need to be proficient at navigating, selecting, formatting, paragraph options and printing functions. The advanced course targets working in large documents and associated items such as Tables of Contents, Bibliographies and Bookmarks. Additionally automation using templates, forms and macros is covered.

As a result of this course students will work with and create forms and macros to enhance their documents, learn how to manage large documents using Words in-built tools such as Master Documents, Tables of Contents and Cross-Referencing.

Course Prerequisites

Microsoft Word Intermediate 2010 training course or equivalent

Course Inclusions

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8 months

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10 students

All of our courses are capped at a maximum of 10 students to maximise your learning experience.

Classroom Training

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With each course we provide you with a comprehensive course manual for you to practice post course.

Computer Lab

No need to bring your own laptop. Our training courses are conducted in fully equipped computer labs with free Wi-Fi.

Course Certificate

Every student receives a certificate of completion at the end of course to recognise your new skills.

Virtual Course Dates (via Zoom)

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Public Course Dates

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18-Mar-22 (Fri)$385.00 0
11-May-22 (Wed)$385.00 0

Course Outline


  • Templates Basics
  • Use Office Templates
  • Download Online Template
  • Create/Modify Templates
  • Use Custom Templates
  • Attach Template to Document
  • Copy Styles Between Templates
  • Create Templates from Templates
  • Template Development Tips


  • Fields Basics
  • The Field Dialogue Box
  • Document Information Field
  • Field Properties
  • Show/Hide Field Codes
  • Show/Hide Field Shading
  • Formula Fields
  • Date and Time Field
  • Automatic Update of Fields When Printing
  • Lock/Unlock Fields
  • Number Formats

Master Documents

  • Master Documents Basics
  • Create Master Documents
  • Create Subdocuments
  • Master Document Views
  • Add Subdocuments
  • Format Master Document
  • Edit Subdocuments
  • Restructure Master Document
  • Merge Subdocuments
  • Delete Subdocuments
  • Unlink Subdocuments
  • Master Documents Explained

Headers and Footers

  • Headers and Footers Basics
  • Insert Headers and Footers
  • Insert Blank Headers and Footers
  • Switch Between Headers and Footers
  • Edit Headers and Footers
  • Page Numbering
  • Date Information
  • Document Properties
  • Format Header and Footer

Table Of Contents

  • Table Of Contents Basics
  • Insert Table Of Contents
  • Use Table Of Contents to Navigate
  • Update Page Numbers
  • Update Table Of Contents
  • Customise Table Of Contents
  • Format Table Of Contents


  • Create Bookmarks
  • Navigate with Bookmarks
  • Delete Bookmarks


  • Index Basics
  • Mark Index Entries
  • Create AutoMark File
  • Use AutoMark File
  • Remove Marked Entries
  • Generate Index
  • Modify Index Format
  • Update Index

Tracking Changes

  • Tracking Changes Basics
  • Enable/Disable Tracking
  • Tracking Options
  • Revisions In Balloons
  • Revisions Inline
  • Show/Hide Revisions
  • Show Particular Revisions
  • Show/Hide Reviewing Pane
  • Accept/Reject Changes

Footnotes and Endnotes

  • Footnotes and Endnotes Basics
  • Insert/Locate Footnotes
  • Footnote Text
  • Delete Footnotes
  • Insert/Locate Endnotes
  • Endnote Text
  • Delete Endnotes
  • Footnote and Endnote Dialogue Box
  • Change Number Formats
  • Convert Footnotes and Endnotes

Document Comments

  • Highlight Text
  • Find Highlighting
  • Insert/Edit Comments
  • Print Comments

Protect Documents

  • Document Protection Basics
  • Create Read Only Documents
  • Work with Read Only Documents
  • Restrict Formatting
  • Formatting Restrictions
  • Restrict Editing
  • Make Exceptions
  • Stop Document Protection


  • Macros In Word
  • Macro Security
  • Macro Enabled Documents
  • Record/Run Macros
  • Assign Macro Toolbar
  • Assign a Keyboard Shortcut
  • Edit Macros
  • Delete Macro
  • Create Macro Button Field
  • Copy Macro
  • Macro Development Tips

Interactive Fields

  • Interactive Fields Basics
  • FILLIN Fields
  • Add Fields Codes in Document
  • Activate Interactive Fields
  • ASK Fields
  • REF fields
  • Activate Fields Automatically

Word Options

  • Word Options Basics
  • Personalise Word
  • Display Options
  • File Locations
  • Save Options

Electronic Forms

  • Word Electronic Forms Basics
  • Create Form Layout
  • Content Controls Basics
  • Developer Tab
  • Text Controls
  • Content Control Properties
  • Date Picker
  • Add Prompt Text
  • Formulas
  • Combo Boxes
  • Drop Down Lists
  • Protect and Save the Form
  • Complete Electronic Forms
  • Edit Protected Forms
  • Delete Content Controls

Student Comments

  • Word Training Course - Advanced
    I thoroughly enjoyed this course and am racing back to my desk to apply for the Advanced course!! Thank you Craig.
    - Sarah
  • Word Advanced training course
    I liked it and Craig was very friendly and approachable.
    - Jane
  • Word Advanced training course
    Great course wish i had done it earlier
    - Fong
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Thanks for all your help :-)
    - Joanne
  • Word Advanced training course
    Great and very helpful
    - Irena
  • Word Training Course Sydney - Advanced
    These course have been excellent, some of the best presented and interactive courses I've been on. I like the fact we can ask any question, and it will be answered. Have already recommended it to others.
    - Joanne
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Excellent and very well conducted . Loved the pace, the trainer was extremely informative
    - Chhavi
  • Word Advanced training course
    I think it was very good. Great content. Great understanding of the use of word and the functions of it. I think the course was great and the trainer knows his stuff
    - Amy
  • Word Advanced training course
    Craig was a great trainer and very helpful with all questions
    - Carly
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    I was not happy with the schedule being cancelled due to last minute cancellation from other would be participants. In my case, it would have been 2 cancellations. I do appreciate your decision to go ahead with the course on July 15 despite me being sic
    - Lourdes
  • Word Advanced training course
    It is an excellent course! I did not expect to learn so much as I thought I was quite proficient with Word. With practice I'll be able to do so much more with this software. Craig is a very good presenter with a huge baggage of knowledge and experience very patient friendly and helpful. Thank you.
    - Anna
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Mandy is fantastic.
    - Sarah
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Very helpful. Excellent.
    - Vanessa
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Excellent, very impressed!!
    - Kate
  • Word Advanced training course
    I found this course very helpful as I don`t use certain features but now require them for my job.
    - Kim
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Fantastic really great course learnt so much in a professional but friendly environment!
    - Emma
  • Word Advanced training course
    I would like to thank Libby for coming and explaining all the wonderful things you can do with word and excel that I hadn't seen before in my previous office courses.
    - Monica
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Excellent, extremely helpful and informative
    - Geoff
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Nothing. Almost perfect. Caroline is very helpful and professional. The pace is great, she is very energetic and professional. She is professional body gestures, need handwriting, smart using multiple colours with the pens. Overall, very happy.
    - Dana
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Great trainer and facilities excellent - loved the mac computers.
    - Yvonne
  • Word Advanced training course
    It was a useful and pleasant experience. I`d definitely come back here again.
    - Carly
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Excellent, extremely helpful and informative
    - Geoff
  • Word Advanced training course
    This course has really been helpful and Craig was very thorough in his presentation of course work.
    - Michelle
  • Word Advanced training course
    I thought the course was really well structured and content was relevant to my role. Course instructor provided some additional tips and assistance that was not included in the course content which was really helpful.
    - Julie
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Very happy with course
    - Robyn
  • Word Advanced training course
    The Course was a great pace I thought and for me/my learning style I know I just need to practice now (repetition helps me learn!). The Delivery /trainer Craig`s approach was great and ran quickly but allowed time to ask questions and help all.
    - Belinda
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Fantastic. Libby was a great facilitator
    - Damon
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Enjoyed it thoroughly, definitely recommend this to Word users.
    - Jessica
  • Word Advanced training course
    Great trainer
    - Gina
  • Word Advanced training course
    Really enjoyed it
    - Debra

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